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During the action more than one ton of clothes was collected - 1250 kg! Residents of the city provided invaluable support to people who find themselves in difficult life situations. As a thank you, each of them received special discounts and gifts from shopping malls, an original shopping bag and the opportunity to use the services of a stylist for free, which means a change for the better.

Clothes collected during the campaign were sorted and sent to charities and low-income families. The project was carried out with the participation of the "Common Children" volunteer movement, the purpose of which is to help minors left without parental care, children in difficult life situations, as well as low-income large or single-parent families. Under the patronage of the movement, 10 charities and 70 low-income families.

Ksenia Penkova, Deputy Head of the Common Children volunteer movement:

“We are very pleased that so many people have responded to the call to collect things. This time there was everything: new things, for children, adults and, to our great regret, not wearable. But we found a use for them too. The things that did not pass the selection went to animal shelters - they will sew bedding out of them. Many thanks to the management of the Arena shopping mall, participants, volunteers for their work on a new and promising project!

Elena Orishchenko, Head of Marketing Department of Arena Shopping and Entertainment Complex:

- We express our gratitude to all those who did not remain indifferent to the project!

If the residents of the city for some reason did not have time to join the action, then we invite them to take part in the Artel charity fair, which will be held in the Arena shopping mall on December 23. There are several options for participation, everyone can choose the one that is closer to him: make a Christmas tree or a toy with his own hands and bring it to the reception of our shopping complex or purchase crafts at the fair. All funds raised from the sale of Christmas trees and handmade toys will be used to purchase New Year's gifts and organize matinees for orphans under the care of the Common Children organization.

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